Apple IOS support for Samsung Gear S3

I am thinking of buying a samsung gear s3 now it has been opened up to IOS thanks to their new app. I’m just wondering if facer will or does support that watch for IOS. If not, is it a feature that’s coming any time soon. Thanks in advance.

I didn’t purchase yet gear s3 but I’m planing. Facer mentioned that they are cross platform. By not giving the freedom to use iOS phone and Samsung great s3 is not as you claim to be. Pls pacer team pls do your best and let us know

Any information on this Facer admin? Thanks in advance.

It’s not in the current build. The app on iOS doesn’t support anything bar the Apple Watch and the Gear Manager on the app store only has a small number of apps. You need to install the Facer app on your watch as well as the phone, so they’d need to get the app onto the Gear Manager on iOS first.

Gear manger is on the apple AppStore. So the final ball is at facer app court

That interests me too…Thanks!