Apple Photo Slide Show

Investigation of the possibility’s of having more than one Picture on the Apple Photo Template Face . I managed to get the Maximum ( 24 ) Frames in. So the frames are
.jpg as they need compressing a bit . The size I used is 580X708 as the template does not scale the images like creator normally does. The images should be around 350kb or under each .
I received some feed back on this one . The User said he was able to enjoy the Time lapse by tapping the screen of his Series 6 . He also reported that on Wake a new image was shown . Obviously not sequentially .
I have tried to encourage other Apple Face makers to put more than one picture on this Template but there seems to be a lack of interest in doing anything but the Minimum on that one .


I’ll check that out next time I’m on my laptop, seems like a great way to get better free faces out there for Apple enthusiasts :green_apple: