Apple Watch 7 os8

I’m new here and could not find what I was looking for. I wonder if anyone doing faces for Watch 7? I have searched the forum but there are only old topics. Please let me know if someone doing faces for Apple.


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Any thing based on the Template on the right is for Apple Watch 7
Got to and find the icon for the Watch Type .

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Say what are you looking for, maybe we can arrange something you may like.
Check this, it has plenty on it…



Wow, thats a very busy watchface

But still looks semi-clean

Well done


I come from a Galaxy watch 4 and to that watch i can find endless of faces that are pretty cool but to Apple it seems a little harder. Your watchface was very cool and it’s something like that I looking for. Maybe I should learn my self how to make my own faces.


Thanks for that. I have looked around there but can’t find a face I like. I come from Galaxy 4 and to that clock i find endless of nice faces. Maybe Apple will grow here to.

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Hi @calamato, welcome! This is how many of us start out. Not finding quite what we’re looking for, and we fall down the rabit hole into this fun watch face making world. Please do give it a try to make your opal! Lots of help here. Apple is still relatively new to Facer, so there is much more Tizen/Wear faces here, but the process is the same. Lots of help is available here.

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Sure you should try at least. It is not that hard. You can always try and if you get stuck at something just search forum or ask right away. Or make a request by describing what would you like to have in a face, maybe somebody can offer you something you did not find yet or makes it for you anew. And those like me, who do not have apple watch, always welcome feedback from somebody, who can test for us.

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Yeah @calamato as @petruuccios said. You can make a powerfull contribution to the community as a tester. I know at least 6 Makers that will produce anything you like within what is possible for us. Then there there are the, Premium and Partners that can make stuff we can not.
80% of the Faces on the Apple page are just one of the templates with a picture on it for customisation. Well you could have a go at that to familiarise yourself with Creator. Then you could drop in some of the Apple Preset Apps. We would love to know what some of them do. The Facer Complications are set up so you can start relatively easily and as you go on can become more complicated than you ever imagined.
What ever you do stay here and Enjoy.