Apple watch color custiomization and complications problem


I have some problems when I test a watch face for Apple.

1 - When I test the customizable colors on Facer they seem fine but when I test them on a watch the custoizamble elements change their color but the rest of the elements become grey.
Is this only a problem when I test it and when I publish the design it will be fine or?

2 - I added temperature and barometer to the same design and when I test it on a watch the temperature always show 29 degrees and the barometer doesn’t change (it shows 0).

Do you have any solutions?

No, there are limitations imposed by Apple.
As for the temperature, if you used what Creator offers it should be okay. If the barometer is coded by you, it may be something that is restricted by Apple.

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Thank you for your reply! Have a great week :smiley:

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You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: