Apple watch templates

Can somebody please explain to me, how it is even possible to remove hands form analog face template for apple watches and how such face lands on top of the charts? This is not funny, just silly.

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You have to select a template which does not have hands. In the Apple eco system… they insist the watch face must have certain defaults. This applies also to DIM text colour, which is always WHITE, and as such you will notice that there is no option to set DIM text colour. To be honest, unless you have an Apple watch… it probably is not worth the hassle creating Apple watch templates. Much more freedom on Android.


How many Times must we raise this Topic . Make it a Poll and you have my Vote . Peter I do not guess there will be many votes but at least it will round up the Usual Suspects .

According to one of the admins of the Facer Facebook group, it can only be done on an Apple watch and then ported to Facer. That is also how some of the watchfaces have the digital time display in a different location.


For me I say again . Only stuff we can make on Creator should be Shown on The Facer Platform . But over on the Google Store it seems that Stuff Made on all sorts of Platforms is Published there . So we best get used to the new Cocept .


Yes, so I have been told by an Apple Watch maker. You need an App to change the layout and then somehow bring it back to Creator. I have not gone done this avenue, so do not know how this works… It just bugs me a bit that Facer official also does this. As @russellcresser said, Creator should be the platform with all the possibilities given.


I totally agree, but like they say in NASCAR racing, “It is what it is”.