Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 14 Max Doesn't work

Hi have an iPhone 14 Max and an Apple Watch Ultra, both on the latest OS version. I have downloaded the Facer App, but whenever I try and sync a face it takes me to Safari to download a file instead of syncing with the watch. Steps I have tried

  • Removing the app and reinstalling

  • Restarting both devices

  • Turning off and back on bluetooth

  • Making sure all permissions are correct

Please can anyone help?

Many thanks

Paul ( UK )

I suggest you contact Facer at: Make sure you give them a full description of the issue you are having as you have here. It may take a little while for them to get back with you due to Facer being run by a small group of people. The fact that it is an Apple watch will make them more driven to get it sorted out since the Apple market is new to them and very important.

Companion app on watch?

OOPS it was an old message - anyway i hope the problem was resolved.