Are animated faces descriminated

Hi, I got this love for animations, its one of the reasons why i love digital faces and the process of creating them. They add something that gives a special character, an attraction, a dynamic and captivating view, On the other hand, those animations are hidden when browsing. People miss out on these beauties if they dont open them. And the animation makes them perhaps unique. Is there a way to solve this problem of invisibility other than. showing your style. I was thinking also about a category detected by the system to automatically label them or a dedicated web page for animated face. Just a few thoughts.
Oh yeah here is a face. where im sure everyone walks by…


That’s brilliant, great work :+1:
I too love animations, as some might already know :laughing:


Not aware how to search for that. I created my own category called TECH for watch faces with animation and gears.

I also tried with tags, but that did not really help. Searching for animated or tech just shows all kinds of stuff. But would be cool if Facer had a category for animations


The categories could certainly use some work. I always wondered why there is a “luxury” catagory. Luxury suggests an inflated price or at least high end, and in my opinion should not be a catagory in Facer when all faces or either free or $1.99. The category “elegant” is enough and can cover watch faces with those features, even those designed to look expensive.
I think an catagory called “animation” is a fine idea. I also think a “weather” catagory would be a positive addition. There is a sports category but no weather, and nature doesn’t seem the ideal place to stick weather focused faces. That’s my 2 cents!


I don’t believe they are discriminated, almost all of my watchfaces are animated and two of them are, at this moment, in top 100.

I think it’s a blind luck what kind of watchface will be synced more times.