Are Picture Cycling Watchfaces Possible?

Back when I had an Apple Watch I used to have it so it would cycle between five hundred pics supposedly showing a different one every time I looked at my watch. I’m not going to lie and say that I got a new one every time. Many times I would see the same one twice which made no sense considering there were so many to choose from but that isn’t important. I have a couple questions I would like to ask.

  1. Can such a thing be created via Facer?
  2. How many pics would I be able to use? I’m sure I won’t be able to use all five hundred but is fifty an option? I like a large variety.
  3. Would I have to edit each pic to the proper size to fill the Facer screen or can Facer be set to automatically adjust them? What I mean by that is some pics are horizontal and some are vertical. Many are very high quality. Do I have to edit each one down to the 960, 640 or 320 size or can Facer just be programmed to zoom in on the pic so that it takes up the entire screen?
  4. At what intervals could I program it to switch pics? I’m thinking if I end up with something like twenty-five pics I may just settle with the pic changing every hour but is every minute an option? Or what about every time I look at my watch?

I’m not working on this face now. I’m working on something a lot less complicated. I was just thinking about making my way up to something like this and if this is possible.

I would say this face is entirely possible if you are willing to do it with less than 500 pictures. Some faces start to get a bit laggy at times when working with more than 100 layers depending on the file size of the layer and what kind of coding goes into each one. You could have it change once a minute if you wanted to or you could set it to have a random one appear each time the watch wakes up (You will get duplicates but it should be different most of the time). That is up to you to decide.

As for the sizing. If you want them all to fit perfectly they would need to be adjusted manually. Facer creator will adjust it to where it will fit on the screen but It wont fit properly the way you will probably want it to if you don’t adjust it to the sizes you mentioned.