Are there more Stickers icons?

Hey Jonny here. I am new so pardon if this is a bit of newbie issue. I created a fairly basic watch face feedback welcome - Jonny Flack - Black&Red digital stats - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer.

What I am looking is a simple step icon - like a foot or a shoe. My problem is the symbol is the best i can find in the stock stickers elements page of the Creator tool Is there a better one easily accessible?

I tried uploading my own but… If i upload an image the colouring never seems to match. Am i being stupid? Is there an easy way to colour match?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on the watch face or help with my issue.


Here ya go.

Saved them as a PNG with transparent background so you can crop and size and color as you like.

To colorize a white graphic, open in an editor, (photoshop etc) and in the hue/saturation dialog box, check the “colorize” box, set the brightness to MINUS -50, then adjust the HUE as desired. Good luck!

EDIT: lol it’s invisible in here, right click under my message in the blank space and “view image”

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Not 100% sure what you need but if you draw any icon in plain white ie #FFFFFF You can then use the tint option to change it to your design colours after importing.

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Hey all,

Some good resources for stickers/icons:

As mentioned by other users in this thread, it’s preferable to get the icon in white on transparent background so that it works with the built-in tinting functions of Facer.



Thanks everyone. Very helpful all of you.

@Rator thats perfect! You’re a legend! see my update - Jonny Flack - Black&Red digital stats - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer!

Ha, thanks! Happy to help.

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I’m so confused.

Why arent the standard step and heart icons in the designer?

I tried adding a complication and it has the battery icon for the steps and heart rate also? Where is the shoe and the heart?

If I add steps it has steps in text and not the shoe? The shoe in icons isn’t the standard shoe for steps. The solid heart isn’t there either.

The compass doesn’t have the pointer and dial.

I have been through the little amount of documentation and I don’t see anything about this?. I’ve spent over an hour Googling and trying to figure this out.

Am I missing something really obvious?


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Welcome @anna.stockel . If you do not get an answer from @Facer_Official i would suggest using the Round or square Customisable Complications . I hide them underneath a Background because they all show different things . So above the Tap area I would put what I wanted in terms of Icon and Text ? Numerals . The thing about those Comps is they can be set to run any App on your watch , Even App Shortcut .

If you add a complication you cannot set your icon. You’ll get an icon that is set by the designer/programmer of the complication.

It will be shown on the watch when you sync the watchface.

Sync watchface - long press the watch screen - tap customize - tap settings icon in the upper right corner - set complication

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If you want standard icons: they are here but you cannot combine them with a complication.

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