Are you going to implement tap actions?

I like the Facer Creator; it makes things a lot easier than having to edit faces on my watch, but other face apps let me add tap actions so that I can control stopwatches and so on. That’s really useful for me; do you intend to implement this sort of thing? (It’s always possible you already do but I haven’t spotted it).

I second that request. What’s the other watch face apps let you do this when creating a face, if you don’t mind me asking? This is something that I have been trying to do for a while.



Watchmaker does, maybe only in the premium version though,if there is one!

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It would really be nice to get some, preferably official, feedback on this very valid request :smile:

Hey guys!

Indeed a very valid request! This feature (and more interactive features and complications) will be implemented as part of the release of Android Wear 2.0 scheduled by Google for this fall. The Facer platform will be updated to support this new OS version and will allow designers and end-users to customize their watch face with tappable complications that can launch 3rd party apps or trigger an action on the watch face.

Stay tuned!


Many thanks for the official answer! Nice to see that you share our opinion :smile:

There is a very nice watch face called Digilogue created by Christopher where you can change the face with a simple tapp.
Christopher has even been kind enough to supply the Inspector mode (many thanks Christopher!) but still I cannot figure out how this watch face can be tappable. Are there other version/s of your web based creator tool or even another tool altogether?

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Is it possible for you all to give us a rudimentary version of detailed view, like Facer had before the 2.0 update? I have watchfaces from pre-2.0 that are now somewhat broken and uneditable because of this, and I think it’s reasonable to request this now given that this is effectively a step backward for Facer. As a person who paid for Facer before it went free, it disappoints me that I can’t use it properly anymore. I don’t mind it being free, but the fact that it has lost features from older version is very annoying to me.

What’s that got to do with the subject of this thread? With all due respect, if you want to ask something totally unrelated to this, create a new thread for it.

Tap actions and detail view are nearly equivalent in my mind - detailed view showed up when you tapped on the screen in the pre-2.0 versions. I had thought this thread was about the same thing - my sincerest apologies if that was not the topic and I misunderstood.

Tap actions are about being able to quickly launch into different modes, e.g. stopwatch or whatever, and launching other apps directly from the watchface. I can accept that, to some extent, detailed view might be considered as one of those modes, but you’ve already mentioned that in the thread discussing the new Creator app, and there is already another thread, Is detailed view gone?, entitled “Is detailed view gone”, so that would be a much better place to have followed up on the issue.

Is this implemented now? My watch was updated to Wear 2.0 the other day and this is something I was hoping for. I can’t use Facer creator at the moment to see if I can do anything about it (only an Android tablet available) but I looked at the complications section in the documentation and didn’t see anything obvious about launching apps. I can still do it on Watchmaker!