Army Ranger Watch Face

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know anyone who can make a elegant watch face for Army Ranger similar to the pic however using the Ranger Regiment DUI crest also shown?

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Analog or digital? Or both?
Which color? Camo-look?

Something like that?

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Nice, i like that

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Thanks …

Or that way?

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No answer?

Sorry mate, I like the 2nd but didnt answer as I thought its really down to the original poster/requester whom you’ve put this effort in for. Its unfortunate that he hasnt returned??

Well… less work for me… :slight_smile:

I was looking for both if possible.

I like this style with the regiment scroll however I was also looking for something elegant and discreet yet practical, that could be worn in a black tie occasion.

Was looking for something discreet like this but with the Ranger scroll being used or Ranger DUI

For the Galaxy frontier S3

Okay. Now i know what you‘re looking for. I will make you a fine one but it will take some days. I am a lttle bit busy at he moment.

Only problem will be the compass. Facer doesn‘t support that feature yet. What bezel time do you want instead?

I will not copy this watch face because i don´t make clones but i think you will like my result. Do you want that night mode in green or another color?

Ok. Found some time to make a first testfile… so we have something to talk about.

Since i build the Rangerlogo in 3d we could change colors and materials just the way you want them to be…

I tried to reflect the colors of the Ranger Insignia at the watch face itself.

or like this:

That´s what the single Insignia looks like:


Love the night face in green

Are you able to use one of these instead.

Also I like the 2nd watch face. The ranger colors are normally red black and gold

Okay. The more informations i have, the better it is. So, if i get you right, you want to have a nice and bright green night mode and one of your posted RGT banner instead of the logo. No problem at all…

I think it will look better with only the 12 as numeral and will replace 3,6,9 by hour blocks.

Ok - Another try…

Here is a dim Mode from the changed draft in early stage…

Looks a little bit static and isn´t very realistic at all.

Let´s enhance it for a superluminova look with glow and reflection effects:

Version 2:

I simply love Photoshop!

That´s what i call a nice shiny AOD. :wink:

What do you think?