As simple as the time

Hey guys,
Hope you will like it. Do you? Dont forget to make comments, sync and share. Enjoy!


Love the active display.

Animations on the DIM display, no thanks, battery waster. DIM display should be as static as possible.

Great effects by the way but, just no on the DIM screen.

Just realised that the wave animation is static and doesn’t follow the hands. It would be fantastic if the waves came off the minute anr hour hands.

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Thanks @rob.fisk for your valuable comments. Will try wave animation by seconds or minutes etc on next development. I kept the wave, keep in mind that of reactor rotation. LOL.

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It is a great dispaly thouh,dton’t get me wrong on that. but the waves following the hands on the active screen and a static DIM screen would nail it.

Animations do not work on Dim display anyway