Asking for donations

I notice a couple of users in the last couple of days including a link on their page to a Paypal account where you can donate to their daily coffee (or whatever). Just curious as to whether anyone knows what Facer’s attitude is to this. Seems a little contrary to their model.

Disclaimer: I don’t intend to do this myself, and nor do I think its necessarily a bad thing if Facer is happy with the practice. I’m just curious.


On it’s face it sounds like what they are doing to Google and Apple on their “stores” for developers. It may not be, but on it’s face it seems kind of dodgy to me. I will go along with you and say I have no intentions of doing anything like that. I’ve had people offer to pay me before and I’ve told them that whatever amount they would give me to donate to their local dog shelter.


Tap to donate a coffee has been in use for a long time on YouTube, and I see no harm in it if people want to donate, but there’s a time and a place for that kinda advertising, and I don’t think here on Facer is right, unless Facer expressly permit it… don’t know about any copyright issues or anything though :thinking:

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I also do not know the opinion of … regarding this issue …
From my way of thinking and knowing, the community forum is a place where people help each other without any commitment …
Just for kindness

But on the other hand, I also share the idea and way of thinking of @mrantisocialguy and @icrltd4

For example, I know another community forum ( where people also help each other with the PAYPAL system, for their work and mutual help …