Astro boy watchface design

Recently I was searching for an animated Astro boy themed watchface on facer but could not find any.
So I did my research and found one on Mr. Time, but unfortunately it does not support Fossil Q.
I tried to recreate it on Facer creator, but I lack the skills and am not good with animation stuff.
Is there someone interested in creating Astro boy themed watchfaces?

these were the awesome watchfaces that I found.

Tezuka’s an awesome creator and if you haven’t seen PHOENIX or Urawawa’s PLUTO you owe it to yourself to check it out.

That being said, all of those watchfaces are paid (and admittedly awesome) so you probably won’t find someone to replicate them.

Is there a particular one you liked more than the rest design wise? There’s lots of content out there that something original could be made, but that’s 12 very different designs to start with :smiley:

These are quite cool. Really like the “Galaxy”, “Neon”, and “Moon” ones! Might have to try my hand at making some of these. Or similar.

I’m definitely going to check those out!
I really liked the flame, spaceship, moon and analog one. But if i had to choose one, I would probably go for the analog or the spaceship! The design is just so awesome and retro. It makes me think of my childhood :smiley:
I would have bought all 4 of them if it supported Fossil Q :cry:

I know right! If you decide to create similar ones, I’m definitely going to install it on my Fossil Q!

I decided to test it out by creating a galaxy version one but based on Iron Giant. I was going to do a Moon one next. (I am better at digital faces typically). I would like to try the spaceship one though. I will let you know.

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Yeah I Just checked out your iron giant design. It looks awesome! And thanks, appreciate it :smiley:

Moon is really well implemented… kinda makes me want to make an LCD watch now :smiley:

I’ll try my hand at something tomorrow. I just got home and the kids just started school so it’s going to be a busy night.

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Understandable :smile: let me know when you start your project, I will keep an eye out for it :wink:

Here is my work in progress so far of the moon face.


Holy shit, you’ve actually got it identical as the original! You got some serious skills man, love it!

Haha thank you I appreciate it! I still wanna figure out the winking every few seconds rather than just dim mode. Just made mostly using power point.

The power of powerpoint hahaha I want to install it on my watch, but I can’t seem to find it on the Facer app

Haha yeah. I haven’t published it yet. Just wasnt sure about publishing due to it being a copy of the other guys design.

Maybe you can publish it for a day or two, then delete it or make it private afterwards?

That’s true. I will let you know.

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Thanks man!

The face is now live.

I hope you like it!


Sorry, I had something come up and just got to work on this today…

I couldn’t get two aspects to working, so I made placeholders for now until I can figure those out.

These are the rotating battery dial (I need to make an accurate dial to reflect the percentage, for now it fakes it by rotating an indicating the current number)

Finally, the moon phase needs to be done. I never quite figured this part out (there’s a lot of them on the site)… For now it’s just a moon. (THAT’S NO MOON!)

Anyways, hope you like it.

Check out the dim mode :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. Really good job on this one. You have it pretty much perfect! I actually haven’t ever implemented a moon phase yet so not sure how to do it.