Attn Designers! Please help!

I’m sitting here BEGGING!!! Can ANY designer PLEASE design a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) watchface??? Preferably themeable/interactive (premium)??? This fellowship saved my life, and I would love nothing more than to display my love for it, on my watch. There is not many options for NA /AA watchfaces, and I know for a fact there is a very high demand for them. Especially Narcotics Anonymous!! I will :heart::heart::heart: you forever if someone can make this happen… please!!!


Any preference on what exactly is displayed as far as information and design? Digital or analog? Logo?


Not really, just maybe the Narcotic Anonymous logo, and ability to change colors. I do like having a weather forecast, but as long as it’s Narcotics Anonymous and themeable, I’d be extatic!!!

These are supposedly “free” so maybe choose one that you like.

I don’t need pictures, I got access to millions of pics. I’m looking for a themeable face. I don’t have a PC or if do it myself. Thanks though

[quote=“purplenlr501, post:5, topic:40769”]
I don’t need pictures,
[/quote] The person designing the watch face for you does, and he needs to know which one you want on your watch face. That’s why the question was asked by Orion. The images need to be free so there is not a copyright issue. If you already gave him your specs privately, I was unaware of that, so I thought I’d help.

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I see what you saying… I didn’t understand at first. Any Narcotic Anonymous image should be free but if you tell me how to upload a picture with my phone I can do so now. Thank you

Something like that above, but instead of the Roman numeral in the middle, have the NA logo in the middle of diamond like link below. This and picture above is what our clean time coins look like, they are not something thats sold for profit., I have several myself

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Bump question

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I appreciate the NarcAnon and it’s members. I was sad to hear that there are not many NA watch faces! Let’s change that! Would you please critique this face and let me know how I can improve it? I can start from scratch if needed, this is just a first attempt.


I do like this one alot, maybe a themeable version? Or the quote in the middle, " My gratitude speaks, when I care, and share with others, the NA way"

Or maybe a quote like, " No addict had relapsed, that has thoroughly worked these steps! "

"We do recover!!! "

I do not have a PC… If anyone would like some pictures or more ideas, email me @ thank you to all of you showing interest in support of this worthy cause. Not sure about outside the U.S., but here in America we are in an epidemic. One we have never seen before. 190 people A DAY are dying from overdose. I was blessed!! I survived 3 of them. But unfortunately, many of my friends have not.

Today I live a different life, and it’s only because of NA! Been clean since 12-3-16 and live to show my support of NA, and carry the message to other sick and suffering addicts!