Auto-shadow on hands?

So it looks like now what you add a hand like a second hand, minute hand or hour hand, it automatically adds the drop shadow to it now. I don’t know if it was because I had a shadow on my hands already or not , but before I realized the double shadow, it was taking FOREVER to sync. Just a heads up.

I make my own shadows but for new designers, it might be frustrating or they may think the sync process isn’t working. Is this just me experiencing this?

I’ve not seen anything like this before. I built a new face yesterday and didn’t have any auto shadows or extra long sync times.

I noticed the auto shadows a few weeks ago after a recent update. I love it! It saves me from having to add the shadow layers manually. I have not had a problem syncing using the phone, but I have never been able to sync from the site via computer.

Good day to all, I also noticed that with the new hands added the shadow.

Oh so I understand what you mean now. I guess I was confused at first because I don’t use any preset assets. My bad, I guess I didn’t read it close enough.

I use custom hands and was surprised to see that the shadows conform even with those. How cool is that? :grinning:

Just checked my watch face (a face I created ~2 years ago) after reading this and it has drop shadows now. Never noticed this before.

Yeah, it’s new. I always make my own shadows, but noticed it was lagging on sync so i rechecked everything and caught the built-in shadows. Maybe if you have a shadow on your hands already, then you neglect to click off the shadow effect, it seems like it’s doubling it and the code is freaking out, like “TWO shadows?! Whaaaaa?!”

Might have just been me, might have just been a one time thing, but thought i’d throw it out there in case others are having issues.

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