Automatic face changing

Is it possible to automatically change a watchface every xx mins?

@benkidds Yes, Watchface Shuffle.

Add watch faces to your Favorites with the :heart: button.
Then go to the :heart: tab in Facer Android and click on Watchface Shuffle.
Set the time between shuffles separately within Settings.

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Brilliant thank you. Wonder if you can have a favourite list and a shuffle list so you dont have all favourites being shuffled?

@benkidds I think that’s a great idea! Please submit under #feature-requests!

My Favorites list is not a functional shuffle list either, since I bookmark all watch faces that catch my eye for their interesting design choices. I end up shuffling My Designs, but I’d enjoy having separate Bookmarks and Favorites tabs.

Hi when you talk of shuffle etc is that how this watch face was built Facer Studios - ¡Si si! - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer ??
also is there a visual for the shuffle you talk about cant find the heart tab key for th elife of me!

ok this for android not apple :frowning:

I can’t shuffle the fav faces. Here the issue i am facing.

First, the Facer mobile app needs to be open and running at the top. Keeping it running in background won’t work.

Secondly, my mobile screen needs to be on, if it is turned off shuffle won’t work.

Both conditions needs to be met to shuffle.

I posted this issue along ago in Facer Facebook group, but no one said anything or replied.

Is there anyone here who can help me out?


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Sadly Few use Shuffle . Many feel it is an additional power Drain . Hopefully Someone who uses it will join in or @Facer_Official . Needless to say I never use it .