Autumn Equinox Test for Maths

I am pretty pleased with this. I am not actually on the meridian. But near enough. I see the calculations I made are within 1 minute. As I was only working to the nearest minute I am happy with the results.

Screen_20210925_091822 Screen_20210925_091833


It all works together quite nicely Rusty, nice work Sir :+1:


Thank you. I have been working on that one for some time. Every time I think its done I find a Tweek. So Today was a good day to put in some Equinox Markers. May be some one will chip in and help me with the Solstice ones. Though I suppose they are not symetric and not so easy.
I hope everything is OK at Home.

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Every time I see this design, I am proud to know that I have well-known people, who know how to program with great quality and professionalism … !!!
And this is wonderful …
Very good work !!! @russellcresser
Cordially :+1: :+1: :+1: :wink: :medal_sports:

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You are kind Thank You. And the same to you. That one has evolved over a few months and represents quite a few hours work. I have to say that without the Serious Maths, , that is quite beyond me, given gladly by Members of this community and some butchery this would have been Impossible. So thanks to them and the Community as a Whole.

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