Avoid if you suffer from fits lol


Well this is the most insane idea i have ever had someone might like it tho so let me know what you all think my mind sems to be getting madder by the week lol


Very unique, interesting and frantic! :slight_smile:

This is one time when I won’t suggest you do something to the dim mode - it is quite calming as it is :wink:

Wow, that is a lot of color. But yep, gave me an instant headache. I find myself more sensitive to certain displays and animations as I get older.

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I think quite a few people have that problem with animated watch faces. They’re fun, but it is something to consider when designing.

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Uuuh. My eyes get dizzy… :slight_smile: well, it‘s a really nice idea and well made but i don‘t know how many people will like it.

Ok guys how about this version


Much more relaxing! I like it.

love the madness !

I love crazy faces, but my other face is likely to burn the solitary neuron that turns in my skull: - / :wink:
This puts the neuron at rest. Good job!