B# - Blue Lights 🔵

Here’s one that started with the idea of trying to make some glass hands that were still easy to see. I wore this one for quite a bit to test, but also because I just loved how it looked on my watch. It was the rare design that looked just as good in the Huawei, Carlyle, and Summit (the 3 I mostly wear - sorry TicWatch) Usually for me a design has a clear winner for which watch it looks best on, not this one.

Anyway, here there are just two dial color/texture variations but that’s because it’s the blue rimmed glass hands that define this design’s look and I like how they set into the warm black and slate colorways of the two dials.

In Hybrid Mode all the data is completely unobstructed by the hands which remain in rotation above.

There’s also a special different style of lume glow for this one (after sunset only)

***make sure you check the watch guide pics for TAP instructions and more info.

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Nicely crafted, good job.

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Looks nice! I like it with the black background most. The “glass” effect of the hands shows best in hybrid mode, when actually looking through it


Thanks! I agree about the hands in hybrid mode. I didn’t want to make them very opaque because functionally I wanted near zero obstruction, but a little more opaqueness might amplify the glass illusion a little bit.