B# - Framed 2 🖼

This is one I completed a while back but only published last week. It’s another “framed” concept where it’s partially skeletonized to see the date wheel below.

4 color themes, Hybrid Mode for digital info dials, and Lume for AOD all included.

***make sure you check the watch guide pics for TAP instructions and more info.

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@kvansant all are nice and clean as always. But seems to me, the date with circle looks odd as all are condensed one after another.


thanks @nobel.mixed if you look at the wheel as a whole, yes they are condensed, but that’s how a real date wheel is. There’s no issues reading it because the indicator frames the current date. Date wheels are kind of the most fun thing for me to make because the precision required makes me feel more like a watch maker :slight_smile: Most of the time when we use text layers for date we use unrealistically large type size. On my mechanical watches the date is a little bit hard to read because the type is necessarily so small in order to fit on the wheel. Generally, I try to make text as big as I can in my watch faces for readability. So when I make a date wheel like this I start with my window then lay out the wheel/numbers to be as big as possible to fit in the window space. If the dial was solid you would not see the wheel and never know that the numbers were so condensed together. So I actually like how it looks crowded around the wheel but yet the actual date display is completely clean. It highlights the precision that went into making it :slight_smile:


You are a genius @kvansant . Wow, A lots of things you consider while making watch face. Great.


I really like that moon dial. Pretty cool. :beers:


thanks! I can’t take credit for that moon dial layout. I saw something like it somewhere on a picture of a real watch. It is a nice alternative to the traditional though. I’ve used it a few times now.