B Sharp - Diamonds Are Forever (now published!)

Now published!

btw… though it becomes obvious when you have it loaded on your watch, the power indicator reads left to right 0 --> 100



@ircrotale thanks! I must admit I think I got this one right! It’s also the one I was referencing in your post about working in a battery indicator. My first build of this didn’t have one except for seconds hand in dim, but I really wanted to work it in. Wasn’t thrilled at first because I was used to the unobstructed diamonds dial, but now I think it’s a defining element of the design.

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The watch looks nice. The battery indicator takes some getting used too though.
Not sure if it would be more intuitive upside down, or 100 - 0 instead of 0 - 100…

Have you considered something like:

For me a watch can do without the indicator, if it looks as classy as this one.

One thing I’m not a huge fan of is the seconds hand in dim. If it stays visible in dim it jumps when going to active.

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Or this :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I prefer the first version of the watch :upside_down_face:

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@ThaMattie I considered a bunch of things :slight_smile: As I mentioned I was hesitant to disrupt the dial at first but now I actually really like it as an element that both stands out and blends in. It’s actually a characteristic of some of the finest independent mechanical watch makers to feature an unusual and prominent power indicator as a primary element in the layout and cosmetics of the design. Sometimes they’re not the most obvious at first glance, but quickly become intuitive once understood. Things that require a little effort are usually more rewarding :slight_smile: I also didn’t what to do a central hand (I use that idea sometimes but didn’t want it and don’t like it here). I kind of like using the 9 marker, but I think it undermines the character of this particular dial. No, I appreciate your ideas, but I’m quite happy with it as is :slight_smile:

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I wish seconds rotation wouldn’t stop in dim. Don’t understand the need for that but I know it’s the OS or hardware and not Facer. Too bad that’s not a user setting: “allow seconds rotation in dim” seems easy! But I’m not a fan of hiding the hand in dim. How is going from zero to 100 opacity on wake-up any less jarring than a jump? Plus, as my whole thing is graphical and mechanical realism, it doesn’t fit with my faces to do that. I’m not bothered by it on other’s work, but it doesn’t make sense as a solution for me on mine.

yeah I guess it’s just a battery saving thing we have to accept. I agree hiding a seconds hand in a watchface like this where it is a seperate dial does not work. It is less intrucive to turn it on and off when it is part of the hour/minute dial.

check out this power indicator! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: It’s more prominent than the time :slight_smile: It’s another of my favorites!

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Hi mate if you want a better way from dim to active try this

i think it adds something not sure tho


Thanks daz, yeah I agree that’s an elegant transition. But I guess at the same time maybe I’m not bothered enough by the abrupt wake up jump. I’m more bothered by the quick trigger to dim in the first place! :slight_smile:

God damn these Chinese fakes, why can’t they use good glue in the index… :wink:

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Sorry - no idea how directing comments work… meant as jest to ThaMattie

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