B Sharp - Idle Moments Blue

I really love this texture at the moment so I’m applying to wherever I can :grin:
I wanted to do a blue version of this face anyway.


Very high quality - you show great technical skill and I like the texture.

Oh man that texture… awesome job!!!

Thanks guys ! Judging from what seems to be the most popular in the different wf platforms I get the feeling that most of the smart watch world likes more video game style graphics (for a lack of better description) and lots of info I the screen. I think those can look really cool too, especially when done at the top level, but my own taste and motivation is for the haute horology of the mechanical watch world, so my passion for making watch faces is in trying to make faces that look like materials and textures of real watches. It’s always fun trying to make a new texture like this one. …But I think if I could afford it I would just be a watch collector instead of a face maker :slight_smile:

I love it! I am exclusively wearing these “open face with visible gears” faces. There is nothing wrong with a digital watch looking like an beautifull analog timepiece.

How did you make the metal frame parts? Are they from photo’s or did you make them yourself? I’m finding it very difficult to make realistic metal parts in photoshop. Especially when the have to rotate (shadows and embossing). Would love some tips.

Thanks @info.equibo there’s never even a single pixel from a photo in any of my faces. I make everything from scratch in Photoshop. I get obsessive about detail because it’s fun to see it look amazing on a big screen even though a lot of the subtle detail is completely lost by the time it’s shrunk to the smart watch :slight_smile: the screw head I used in this face for example (there are actually 2 different ones) is probably 6 or 8 PS layers by itself and something I probably spent 2 hours on. But the good thing is some parts like screws heads or jewel bearings you only make once and then you have them to use over and over.

The one photo exception for me is anytime I use a meteorite dial I use photos that I took myself of meteorites in the Natural History Museum in Vienna. I don’t think I’d be able to create a realistic meteorite look in Photoshop.

The best tip I can give you is to explore the layer styles and blending modes in PS. That’s where all the creative power is. One thing you might find helpful is to Google for “Photoshop layer styles”, download a small collection and then look though the settings of some of them, play around with the sliders or values or blend modes to see how the different tools/options influence the results. That’s a good way to get a sense of how the individual tools can be used.

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Thank you! i will look into that.

I personally have a photo editing background. I used to be a photographer. So i am quite able with Photoshop, but not in this way.

This way i keep learning new stuff!

Definitely! I learn something new with each face. I used Photoshop for 20+ years before ever making a watch face, but most of the tools and techniques I use now for creating these graphics are things I never really used before making watch faces.

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