B Sharp - Idle Moments (FREE)

I present this free version of my new design, Idle Moments. This design reflects everything that I hope expresses the essence of the B Sharp brand. Accurate and realistic mechanical layout, luxurious detail through uncompromising graphics, easy to read functionality, and above all else something that looks great on your watch.

This is a design that will definitely be developed into a full featured premium face complete with “Hybrid Mode” and multiple color/texture themes.

I hope you enjoy!


Very nice and realistic. And free is always a plus.

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Veeery nice!

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thank you sirs! @GAUSS … I’m looking forward to seeing the one you recently previewed on IG!

It‘s not yet ready. That‘s my progress so far:


nice! I really like that shade of red too! … and of course all the exposed wheels :grin:

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