B Sharp - Inspiration Series # 1

This section of the community forum seems to be mothballed! Let me try to get it going again…

Brand new simple elegant design now on Facer.


My God, that’s in no way touched up on Photoshop or something like it? Is that really how that looks on your wrist? If so I’m jealous. Samsung needs to take notes if you’re gonna have a giant bezel at least make it part of the case! (and then work on the brightness please and thank you >_>)

This is the original Huawei Watch 1 Still the best looking case for realistic analog faces. This photo is straight from my phone. It really looks that good!

Even the Summit 2 is going to be annoying on many faces because of the indices already permanently marked on the case. WHY? any face that doesn’t have central hands will look wrong with those hash marks. And any face that needs them can just have them drawn in!

my understanding is that the reason Fossil and Active 2 have that black ring is because of various sensors under there (probably auto brightness) but surely they can figure out a way to make a case like this 4 year old H1 with edge to edge screen?

Well the thing with the bezel is, the previous model, and even the regular Galaxy Watch still have a rather substantial bezel, but it’s not too thick. The Active 2 has the same bezel but then they removed the “rotating” bezel from the case (the marked ring you could move around and act as an alternative way to interact with the screen rather than screen-touch), and instead added a “digital rotating bezel”, which means that black border is now extra thick (for a functionality I don’t even use, to boot…)

Nice shot, looks pretty well on your Huawei !
btw, what’s the instrument you are playing in the background ? Looks like a guitar or a bass with piccolo strings ???

@jeberuth that’s my Gibson L5. In the real world I’m a jazz guitar player. On the internet I pretend to be a watch maker :slight_smile:


Very nice instrument !
In the real life I try to reproduce some Holdsworth or Gambale’s solo (love to sweep !) in a very non professional way … :slight_smile:

Good stuff! When I commented before I was so struck by the watch face I totally missed the guitar in the background lol. I’m a guitar player myself, though not professional and not any particular style. I was about to mention it looked a bit like Gibson’s handiwork, though I was gonna guess a different model :slight_smile:

One day I may yet get myself a proper Les Paul rather than knock-offs o/

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