B Sharp - Pensativa

As I was making the Inspiration #15 face there was a moment when I had the upper layers hidden and saw how nice just the dial and tourbillon would look without a lot else going on. So this spinoff was born. More variations surely to come!

as always, every pixel created from scratch in Photoshop.

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This is honestly my favorite of your entire repertoire so far.

There are so many ways this could go, here’s another one:

@ircrotale Thanks! My favorite is usually whatever is my most recent :grin: :beers:

Here’s a variation with a brand new texture I made. The texture is a variation of Côtes de Genève or Geneva Stripes which are usually vertical. I’ve made several versions of a standard Geneva stripes blank which I’ve used in a number of faces, each time I get a little better at creating it. Sometimes you’ll see variations in the pattern such as I made This kind of thing is usually my favorite part of making faces :smiley: A lot of very methodical work and problem solving goes into getting the subtle details right. For me this is what amounts to the “hand made” aspect of making faces that allows me to pretend I’m a digital Kari Voutilainen :grin: In any event, I really like how it came out and how it looks with this face!