B Sharp - The Duke .. jump hours regulator

Here is a special Facer-only edition of my design called The Duke. The original version of this was published earlier this year for the Watchmaker platform and includes 3 themes, Hybrid Mode, and selectable dim modes. I’m disappointed to not yet be able to bring these features to my offerings on Facer, but hopefully in the future that will change. See the watch guide pic below to see what the full featured version includes, and in the meantime enjoy what for now is simply an interesting face that looks great on your watch! There’s a lume on this one. I like it, but I wish I could have it set to only come on after sunset. If anyone wants a no-lume version let me know.

@ThaMattie I adapted the easing code you shared for this jump hour wheel, thanks again for the gift that keeps on giving!


Wow, so weird that I am already working on a similar concept. I coded everything out a few days ago but I am striving for more realistic textures. Mine should be distinct enough that it is notably not the same design, but is it okay if I send you a draft before I make anything public?

cool, you don’t need to run it by me just because it’s similar conceptually. If it’s your design than it’s all yours! But I’m looking forward to seeing it! This is the only regulator I’ve designed, and it was born of wanting to do a back-lit hours wheel like this:) I believe I first published this in January (for Watchmaker).

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Looking nice, I like the way the hour wheel is covered partially.

There are tags for sunset/rise, so this should be possible…

Actually there is a boolean tag #DISDAYTIME# that is supposed to do all the work for you…