B Sharp - Timeout .. Now published

stepping aside from 3 concurrent tourbillon projects to do another jump hour + calendar design. Look Ma, no hands!

…coming soon, maybe tomorrow.


I think this is indeed a unique watch and follows suit of your other designs. But for me at least, I think readability might be a problem (It took me a minute to understand how to read the time). The moon phase does give a splash of color that is well received, although I would like some more color. I always enjoy your realistic graphics, they separate you from the majority.

Keep up the good work! I really like the promotional photos.

Thanks William, the time is actually quite intuitive when you have it on the wrist. Though I know stylistically it won’t be for everyone. One of the things I rarely am willing to compromise on is at-a-glance readability. For me anyway, after wearing a it around for a couple of days this one is actually very easy for me to get the time with a quick glance. I’ll be interested in what you think about that after you have a chance to try it out.

And thanks for the feedback on the photos too! Photography is another hobby! I’ve got some 1950s Russian lenses that have very cool character to the bokeh. Of course for most of these promos I’m placing a hi-res face screenshot into the “frame” one of the photos I’ve taken of my watches.

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Nice work!

thanks! just published now.

*** Now published

This wandering jump hour calendar watch is called Timeout. Reading the time is simple and intuitive as the current hour is framed and rotates to indicate the minutes.

A couple of things you may find interesting about this project, first, the day and date are handled by wheels not by text layers. I often do this because this allows for the lettering for each day of the week to be optimized to fit the opening. But also because I just find it fun to make the wheels, and for this design in particular I had to come up with a solution so they weren’t overlapping each other or the moon wheel in a way that obscured the display. I could have just put them off to the side but that would be mechanically unrealistic, so my solution was to have the date “10’s” on a transparent disc that sits over the 1’s. Then there’s a small white background plate positioned under that disc’s display. (you can see these details I’m referring to in one of the pics below)

The other thing that was different for me about this project is usually I “finish” parts and textures as I add them. It helps me visualize where the design might go. But this time I decided to draw the whole thing before doing any finishing at all. The result had a surprisingly cool look to it, very clean and crisp.

I decided to make completed themes out of both of these things, and added a blue one as well. You can see in the pic below of all four. I really like the transparent dial that allows a view of the wheels below.

For now only the primary black variation is published here. But I made this for myself in Watchmaker as well where it has a tap action to toggle the 4 themes, and also has a selectable hybrid mode which displays weather, steps, distance, battery level, and heartrate. Again, that’s the full B Sharp package which I really wish I could bring to Facer but for now it’s just the one-at-a-time analog faces.

Maybe I’ll publish some of the other variations too but for now, I hope you enjoy this one!


Simply WOW! Unique… fresh… deep… etc… grat!

Very very nice! Would love to see the transparent and the “flat” one.

thanks guys! I’ll pick another one to publish tomorrow. Oops I also just noticed the blue promo pic has the wrong moon wheel. For that one I swapped it for grey.

How’s it doing?

Openworked version just published!

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Really good!

It’s bizarre, I was re-working something similar - thou not as innovative - when you kindly replied to my first post. Richie Mac - Moiselle - Vint'34 - Azure-a - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer (just has a retrograde seconds dial).

Keep up the good work mate… Cheers.

Thanks Richard! I like your design too, very clean analog layout. I don’t think I’d really describe it as similar to this one though :slight_smile: I mean fundamentally it’s quite different in almost every respect beside both being analog.

Really nice this one! Very neat that you made it work like a real watch even though you didn’t have to for all the covered up versions.
Would love the same easing on the date wheels.

Thanks @ThaMattie! I like larger date displays like this generally. A lot of faces have such small text I find them hard to read. But the larger the window is the more the inconsistencies of character size looks “unfinished” to me. So by making the wheels I can optimize each day/date character in the window. Plus… I love making the wheels anyway, it involves a lot of precision and problem solving which helps reinforce my illusion (delusion) of being a watch maker :grin:

I just have to say this here: your work shines far above most in terms of realism. Then, you go and create these very unique time-telling apps and, like, wow!! It’s like icing on the cake with a side of ice cream.