Back & Forth Animation

How do I make an object go side to side on a constant loop?

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Hi @cjonesy9, for to do this i use the following.

X: (160+(160*(sin(((#DNOW#/26000) *2 * pi ))))))

(160+ “original Pos.” (160* “destination” (sin(((#DNOW#/26000) “Speed, 26000, increase the value to move slower ,reduce the value to move faster.” * 2* pi )))))) “the loop”.

This also work for up and down

Y: (160+(160*(sin(((#DNOW#/26000) * 2*pi))))))

If you just copy and paste it, Delete the spaces!!!

I hope this helps, Greets


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome

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