Back! Now tell me what you think about this latest project

'sup fellow designers!

I’ve been on and off Facer in the last few months, with newborn baby and all that taking most of my time so what little I had, I used to create some faces. But this one is something I’ve spent the last few days on, figuring out the style, placement and how to make a premium version with interactive features.

So first, before presenting, I’ve found this on Facer and seeing it, I immediately thought “that middle
really screams to have some data in it”.

SHOUTOUT to P3PDesign for his/her/their idea and becoming inspirational for me!

So, Inspired by it, I’ve decided to try and make my own version.

I’ve been through quite a few iterations already - I’ve learned how to make somewhat brushed surface in Inkscape so I replaced the initial flat outer ring with brushed version. I’ve experimented with different ideas - like the battery level inside, for example, being marked by shrunk seconds hand:

Or the alternate version with internal and external triangular pointers that rotate on the red ring, outer one showing what kind of data is currently selected, while internal one pointing at its value/scale:

So in future, switching to “STEPS” will change the internal scale from battery to steps scale and the internal pointer will follow to display current value.

And a preview of AOD:

What do you think? Analog hand to point at scale or the internal, triangle pointer?
I also thought if maybe the internal space could be mocked up as LCD, like in hybrid analog/digital watches. Or maybe I should skip it entirely and leave the inside as it is? But then I’ve just pretty much plagiarized the original design, lol.

This seems like a really long time project as I want to perfect it until I’m satisfied so fire off without hesitation, I can rework it from scratch should the need arise.
Please forgive if it takes me time to respond, taking care of the baby is quite time-consuming.

All the best to All of you!

EDIT: I forgot to add I’m also thinking if I should leave the hands just be, or maybe try and program parking positions so they can get away when obscuring inside too much. Not sure, just a timed park, or maybe a toggle? I’ve seen some really nice, smooth iterations of this but sadly none of them allowed preview and my formula is quite rusty yet… Thoughts?


you as so thats my opinion :grin: :wink:
for battery is better second hand , hybryd is the way , at now seems ppl its so lazy that preferre read digital , about parking hands i think is better hiding with wrist move , unfortunally not on all watches works but mostly and you can stay on free faces to meet more fan beccause pro are the 5% of free users.
example hide hands inspection open as usual


Welcome back.
I would try to make the center area little more contrasting to the outer field (maybe more shade around the edge to accent the depth, or some kind of back light that turns off in dim mode).
I also like the idea of pointer from the outside, but I would try to make it start from below the outer area.


First off, congratulations on bringing a new life into this world, that’s totally awesome :clap:
Your Face looks pretty cool, and I think Hands for the Battery/Steps looks better than Pointers. @petruuccios has a good idea saying about making the center area have more depth, and if you want to implement this, then here is a nice Inner Shadow image you can use to achieve that really quick and easy (thanks to @feryagustoni77 for that) - try it out, I think it’s brilliant.


Thanks, Alberto!
Definitely a good idea with wrist-dependent display. I’ve already tested it and set opacity to 15% - left there some visibility in case someone, like me, is checking the time while laying in bed xD Keeping this as an option for free face is definitely the way to go :slight_smile: I think I’ll keep the parking handles just for myself cause I like that sort of thing, haha.

Nice idea, I like that old muscle car gauge glow.
For now I’ve used the shadow @icrltd4 provided but I want to experiment with what you’ve shown in the picture :slight_smile:

Me too, I already thought of that, I’m just not sure how to execute it in Inkscape yet.

Thank you very much, for both the congratulations and your idea :slight_smile: I’ve already used the inner shadow and it’s much better :smiley:


Most welcome, always happy to help wherever I can :+1: