Balance Wheel Issues

I am trying to add a balance wheel to one of my watch designs.

balance wheel

I have made the balance wheel and spring as separate elements and I have managed to get both to rock back and forth. I am struggling to get the spring resize and spring / wheel rocking synchronized

test watch

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I suspect the issue is caused by linking to the dimensions to a sin but I cannot figure out how to make it resize.

N.B. please ignore the quality of the images used, this was thrown together to test the concept.

here’s the code I use for hairsprings:

(66 + sin(#DWFSS#/.4)*4)

66 is the starting dimension, .4 is the speed of expansion/contraction, and *4 is how big the fluctuation is. so you can tinker with all of those variables as needed. put this in both height and width.

btw… the hairspring should not rock back and forth. Either it rotates with the whole tourbillon cage (usually 60sec) or it is fixed and doesn’t rotate. Depends on the type of tourbillon.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks for not only providing code that I can use and explaining the parts but also for putting me straight on how the hairspring and tourbillon works.

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