Banned Brands Part 2

Not here to upset or annoy anyone, just raising an issue. Last time I raised this topic, my integrity was questioned. To put it all in context, I’m an avid watch collector. Particularly vintage and 60’s and 70’s. I enjoy the challenge of recreating the textures and styles of these gems from scratch, not downloading images and pasting together.

As far as banned brands, I’m not certain that everyone is aware how far ranging it is. For instance BMW faces exist here, they were one of the first companies to issue take down notices. Louis Vuitton another watch face that’s here, is the largest group to issue take down notices. Others like Star Trek, Puma are also on a banned list. My point is, these faces exist on your platform already.

Certainly not here to create problems for anyone. I will post some of my originals and some if my tributes (Not on any banned list) and you be the judge. If they get removed, no biggy :grin:

Hmmm. Only because others clone here on facer doesn‘t make it better.

But hey, you are an adult person, you know the rules and have to confirm them when publishing.

Live with the consequences, obviously they don‘t bother you much. It‘s your decision.

But one tip: If you want to become a premium partner you shouldn‘t host clones.

I know from the CEO it is one of the first rules that such designers are completely disqualified for the program.

Greetings, GAUSS.

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Don’t stress over it. Just publish them as usual per Facer TOS. Facer will remove them if they are in violation.
If you are hesitant about using brand names, contact the owner of the brand and get permission.
Be yourself, be creative, and have fun.

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Personally I like to use a brand name on some of my faces. (mostly analog ones) I darn sure know better than to use a real brand name. I have made up my own brand names that are vaguely sound a likes to the real thing. One of mine is Amish-Fit instead of Amazfit, Casino instead of Casio and Fauxlex instead of Rolex. I personally think it helps make the faces look more realistic with a brand name, but not a name that could get me in trouble. Besides that, made up names are more fun anyway. :grin: