BarCross - America Collection

Created a few American Flag watches for the 4th of July. Let me know what you think!:


Reconsider the fonts.


@pandaKrusher Got it. Great suggestion. Thanks!

Dropped a new version with a font change:

Hi and welcome, BarCross!

Did you try a simple bold font? Your decorative font may be detracting from the flag image. The one that you used in the second version is similar to some of the Great Gatsby Fonts. If the name of your watchface describes your primary image, sometimes adding a decorative font can interfere with that. Just my opinion, but for America and Freedom you think of something strong, bold, and proud. Gatsby type fonts are usually used for New Years and black tie events, etc…
For your chalk/crayon design try one of the heavy chalk or handwritten type of fonts so you stay with the theme of the background.
I hope this helps.


I agree with Linlay, this isn’t really a great opportunity for a fancy decorative font. I’d go with a sans serif, bold and classic font like Lemon Milk or The Bold Font. Don’t let the typeface upstage the flag!

That second one has a busy background, so outlined text makes it really hard to read, especially steps.


Thanks @pandaKrusher and @Linlay!