Bart takes a little spill

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Not sure how he will become after 24 hours falling on those stais??

Where is that??

Rajasthan in India??

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Someone STOP him please!!!

Throw him a pillow at least…

Everytime the face wakes:

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wore the face for 2 days straight:

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LOL! that’s cool. the font is a good match as well. Nice!


John I have the Samsung s3 gear watch and facer but I can’t get it to work can u please help me??

Any probs you know of with animation on Tizen?

@falecha75 and @jmorga106

I do have some issues on my S3 like when i make the watch face on facer, if I use any kind of layer to give glass effect on the face, it wont turn up on my watch…

How it showld show up on the screen…

How it shows…

I’ve seen a few reports of animations not working with Tizen in reviews to some of my designs. Does seem localized to the Tizen os. I don’t have a solution for it though.