Batterieanzeige umkehren

Hallo , wie kann ich die Anzeige des Akku umkehren, so das bei 0% der höchste und bei 0% der niedrigste Balken anzeigt wird?

I used google translate to understand your question, still… can you explain better? Maybe some expample?

Hi Carlos, I think he want to show 0% when real battery level is 100% and show 100% when the battery level is empty. I used google translate as well :smiley:

100% = 0%
99% = 1%
98% = 2%

and so on.

Well, if that was the question, he can use (100-#BLN#)% for that…

like this?

Thanks, that was exactly what I did not manage.
Now I just adjusted the size to cover a small battery icon.
Now it looks like …
(20 # BLN # * 0.2)%
and it works exactly the way I wanted it.
Thanks to all and sorry for the hopefully readable english