Battery Charge Rotational value Samsung Gear S3

Hi Guys, anybody else having the same problem with rotational value for Phone charge not working on their watches - especially Samsung Gear S3 - I’ve tried all the usual stuff reboot, check software all devices etc - or have I just got the code wrong? Here’s the face in question and the TAG I used (-150+(#PBN#*3))

The power dial hand is stuck at the 12 o’clock position, the power for the watch works fine

Is that exactly what you have for rotation with the extra : at the end. and not,

(-150+(#PBN#*3)) instead?
I took one of my test watch faces and used the code without the : and synced it to my Gear S3 Frontier and it was showing my phone battery perfectly.

thanks for looking at this my TAG does not have the colon : in Creator, it’s just in the narrative of my support request, edited now to avoid confusion

changed text above to avoid confusion, my code is the same as yours but doesn’t work, good that it works on your S3 hopefully users won’t experience the same problem that I’m having, I’m going to uninstall facer and reinstall to see if that solves the problem, cheers Hayden

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