Battery drain after Facer update (Hugo Boss)

After the latest Facer update I have massive battery drain on the Hugo Boss Touch. They fixed the battery refresh issue (face not showing the accurate battery perc), but now the drain is ridiculous. I can’t go 12hrs from full to dead. I have screen off by default. I went to sleep last night with 100 percent and woke up with 20. I go back to a standard watch face and issue is gone, so it has to be Facer. Any suggestions? Is Facer aware?

Hi @jbilyk - we are aware and working on fixing this right now. Thanks so much for your patience!


I got the same issue with my Fossil Q. It seems to drain from full to 45% in 2 hours when regular face lasts all day without getting to 20%

Hi @jjcronan (and everybody on this thread)!

Can you update to Facer 4.5.5 in the Google Play store and make sure it’s also updated on your watch (it’s sometimes a bit delayed) and test again? Battery usage should be back to normal now.

I had recently uninstalled it but reinstalled both yesterday, so running build 4.5.5_5750-(5750) on the phone and the latest one I can get from my watch store