Battery Drain - Facer vs Galaxy Watch Designer

Just checking to see if anyone has done any comparisons between the two as for battery drain. I’ve done some testing in the last couple of weeks and don’t really see a difference in the drain between the two. The forums I have been reading say that Facer drains your watch like a vampire. I’m not seeing that at all so just wondering if Facer has made some improvements to where they don’t have drain problems they used to or if I’m just not seeing it. I may see a couple more percent using Facer but nothing as to where I’m like holy crap what a battery drainer I’m deleting Facer!

Anyone else done comparisons lately. I charge my watch nightly or every other night and have been using Facer for the last 3 weeks and don’t really see any more battery drain than when I used a GWD watch face.

Would love to hear any other experiences.

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I have not done any proper testing myself, but just from general use I agree with you.
I think the specific face in use has a far greater effect on battery drain than the platform on which the face was built or is running on.


I don‘t think facer drains the battery more than watchmaker. It was for a short time an issue a year ago but this problem was fixed very soon.

Is AOD on? Thanks.