Battery Drain issue on Ticwatch E

The Facer application and watch faces are unusable on the Ticwatch E I see a percentage of battery drain every few minutes. I am running the latest Android Wear version and the beta version of the Android and Android Wear apps for Facer

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I have the same issue. Doesn’t matter the watch face (complex or plain) all facer ones do this. Oem or other apps dont have this issue with at least a full day of power. But using the facer dails I am getting 6-8 hour at most. Pls fix as I love the app and faces I have bought. Also pixel XL 2 & ticwatch e. But from the Reddit posts the phone doesn’t seem to matter. It’s the app and watch combo that is the issue.

Hey there!

We’ll look at this again - we resolved a similar issue in the past but seems like it came back for some reason? If there is any pattern you have noticed where it does vs. does not use a lot of battery, please share it here as it will help us narrow down the issue.


I uninstalled the facer app on the watch just to narrow things down. It was still @ 46% battery after 10 hours. When I reinstall the app and it’s down >10% in less than 15 min. Is it maybe how often it’s updating the info?

I have been trying for a couple months with many many faces (simple and complex with many different data points). The last 4 app updates have had this issues even after the version that noted the battery fix. Any other suggestions on other things to try to help?

I continue to have this issue even after the Oreo (Android 8.0.0) update from Mobvoi for the Ticwatch E. Any watch face I use with the Facer app it drains the battery a percent every minute making it unusable. I have factory reset my watch, I am a beta tester for the Facer Android and WearOS apps.


Does this happen with any watch face you use? Of specific ones on Facer?

Yes this happens on any watch face I use, either digital or analog, any Facer watch face. I have uninstalled the beta version for both my phone and watch. I am having the same issue I have tried 3 or 4 different faces it drains 1% of battery per minute

I am having the same issue. Facers faces kill the battery in less than 16 hrs. The stock faces I get nearly 36 hrs on it

Same issue! Can not make it through a day while using Facer. Battery drops one percent every couple of minutes. It doesn’t matter which face I am using. Without Facer I only used 9% of battery in the last 4 hours.

Interesting to hear this my Ticwatch S drains in about 9 hours without much use. I’m wondering if I’m being effected by this problem and I just didn’t realize it. I only ever use facer so I’ve not tested it against a stock face. I’ll look into it that soon.

It definitely has to be the Facer Applicaiton, as I have done some different tests with my Ticwatch E I have found the same as the others on this discussion. I believe that it has to do with the fact that the Facer app runs differently than most other watch face applications on android. It is comparable to Facer’s rival, Watchmaker, as instead of installing a certain watch face onto the watch and then being able to scroll through the faces as is shown in the Android Wear tutorial (ie scrolling right or left), you must change watch faces through the Facer app by long pressing or tapping three times. I believe that this redundancy is what is causing so many power draining with watches using the Facer app, and only a Facer developer could confirm this, but it seems to be the case. Interestingly, I found that the Watchmaker app drained my battery in the same way as Facer, adding evidence to my theory.

As a side note, everyone should know that when you have an always on watch face that has brighter colors (such as white) the watch battery will always drain faster than if it uses black and darker grays.

Well I tested a stock face that came with the Ticwatch S and I was able to get about 20 hours till I hit the battery saver at 15%. With the most recent face I’ve been working on I was able to get around 9-10. So it appears to be 50% less efficient then the stock face. Now I at least feel slightly better about my watch’s battery although the whole reason for me having it is Facer if I’m being honest. Hopefully we can get some optimization patches in the future.


I get 20+ hours with a stock Tickwatch e face. Facer I lost over 10% in less than an hour. I want to like this app but it is useless with the battery drain.

I agree. When using Facer my battery plummets. I got about 7 Hrs the other day. I did, however, go and make my own design using all black backgrounds and green lettering. I had the HR monitor item on the face. I noticed no difference in battery usage. The continual HR used a lot of battery. I then updated the face to remove that feature. I have noticed about 7% consumption in about 2 hrs. We will see how long that lasts. WearOS says I will get an approximate 26 hrs out of the battery.

I’m having the same issue with my Ticwatch E. I couldn’t figure out how my batter was going from 100% to 50% in a matter of less than 3 hours. I guess it’s FACER because that’s the only new thing I’ve installed on my watch. Until this is fixed, looks like I’ll be deleting the app for now.

Still a MASSIVE issue. Guess they basically gave up on us. 3 month old ticwatch can’t live 15 hours while using Facer. If I uninstall facer, watch can last nearly 2 days

They did just come out with an optimization update for wearOS. I don’t know if it has made a difference in the battery though. Maybe make sure you’re up to date and check again. Maybe it’s helped a bit.