Battery-friendly/ seize layer image/ DPI


Some questions:

  • Am I right to say that dark colours are battery-friendlier instead of light colours?

  • About importing a new image layer.
    → do you use the size of the background image (red line).
    Or just a small capture around your item (green line).

if you want the exact position, import the whole background size?

if one uses full-seize (transparent) backgrounds, does it have an effect on battery consumption, or is it negligible?

I notice that the text/icons from Facer are much clearer when zoomed in.
Do they use vector images?
What resolution should I choose to have a decent quality (now I have 150 DPI)


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@nicoclaessens99 DPI is irrelevant . I would go for a high pixel resolution . 1280x1280 seems to be a recommended resolution . Stuff is scaled when you bring it to Facer. You should look at the Aliasing Settings for your Graphics Package settings . It is quite a good Idea on a 320x320 pixel Screen to let things go a little Fuzzy . The transparent part of the PNG counts for nothing in the memory . The stuff that uses memory is stuff that is moving like GIF sequences with Big images .
Nice Face BTW.

I don’t understand what you write. (sorry probabely my poor Englih).
You mean it’s nicer to view instead of sharp (‘perfect’) lines?

I think I put it on 960x960 but will try the 1280x1280 seize.

Ok, what about colours? dark vs light? Light colours ask more power of the watch I suppose.

Thanks, playing around and trying what I learn, work in progress… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah Exactly. A hard line / sharp will show up more. If the edges are a little out of focus it is better. You will have to play arround. I can not make my Images as sharp as Facer Icons. So I rarely use Facer Icons unless I am in a rush.

Yeah 960x960 is a good Idea.
You have to play arround a bit with the style you like to see what looks best. Post an Inspectable link to show us where you are.

Dark colours are definatly less demanding on your Battery. OLED Technology is Black by default. White faces will use the battery more. Different colours use different amounts. Have Fun.

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So Sorry . I see your Draft is inspectable . Nice Work . I like your Diagnosis Grid . You are asking yourself the right Questions . I assume you have a Premium Account . Sadly I can not help you with any of the interactive stuff . I am A No Pro.