Battery icon or % flash when 15% reached

Hi Facers, can someone help with a tag for use in the ‘opacity’ field that triggers battery icon, text or % etc to flash when the battery reserve reaches 15% (or a given %), – the rationale is that the user’s eye is drawn to the power depletion much like the fuel gauge in a car, alerting them that the watch will require charging soon.
Thanks in advance

You could add an additional text layer ( say red text ) over the standard battery text and set the new text’s opacity to:


That would flash once per second. If you want it slower increase the 1000 figure; if you want it quicker, reduce it.

I hope that helps.


If you put this exception in the opacity field it should start the flash at the 15%

$#BLN#<=15?(1*sin(#DWFSS#, 0, 2, 2)*100):0$

Hope that helps its the version i tend to use on faces i normally create a red back ground and use this to make the whole this glow red under anything you build on top


Good point - I forgot about the 15%.

You can do what @dazstacey said or alter mine to:


thank you @mikeoday much appreciated: :slight_smile:

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thank you @daz much appreciated: :slight_smile: