Battery Icon Progress Changing of color

Hello, I’m trying to change the color of my battery icon as the battery level decreases. Does anyone know how this is possible. (I have the Pro version)
Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the Community @yannickwieduwilt2003.
Below is an Inspectable test. It is actually the work of @petruuccios.
If you give anyone credit it should be him.

If you are not sure how to Inspect the work.
You click on the title of the Face at the bottom of the preview. Then on the little Rocket on the Left.
Copy and paste away.


That is really cool.

I’ve done one that is not as neat, just by changing the opacity of overlaying icons: TX-D06 K.I.S.

or blink the icon if the battery is low with opacity as: $#BLN#<20?(sin(#DWFSS#)*18+75):100$


With proper masking and colored slider you can even change color of everything to any color.


Nice Tutorial coming along. Topic Bookmarked.

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