Battery level inside a circle with pointer (like a analog watch)

hi, i have create a nice watch that is digital + 2 circles where
they have a pointer (like for seconds).
i want add on these circles, the data for battery level
and another thing in the second one.
how is the formula to make them to work ???

Hi for the battery, on the rotation write
(-150 + (BLN # # * 3))

hi, thank you for the help.
but where i put the formula ???

the circle, after press the rocket button, has:
x y positions, width, height, rotation, transparency.
text is missing on the cirlce options.

ah, ok, maybe i have understand.
i open the seconds menu and i have: rotation
inside i write:
(-150 + (BLN #DWFSS # * 3))
but when i try to accelerate, the pointer stay always at north.

Go in this tutorial should help you.

thank you very much.

One reason it wasn’t working is you need the BLN to be in tags like this #BLN#. You would put that in the rotation section of the hand layer that you want to rotate. Don’t use the #DWFSS# in the code.