Battery Level Not Refreshing on Watch Face


Thank you for creating an awesome app! It seems that with the most recent release, the battery level for watches that display this information is not refreshing. I am using version 2.2.0_655 on a Moto 360 first gen device. Thanks!


Can confirm, though my problems are slightly different.

The battery level is correct, but the label flashes the tag text rather than the value it should be when it comes out of dim mode.

Thanks for the report! We’ll look into this immediately.

Just updated to 2.2.1_668. It seems the #BLP# is replaced with --.

My problems are fixed with the release of 2.2.2_682.

Great news! Thanks for confirming!

The original issue I described in this post has not been fixed with the release of 2.2.2_682. The battery level indicators completely do not refresh; this is true for all Facer watch faces that display the battery level and is not the case with other (non-Facer) watch faces (e.g. stock Motorola face). See the accompanying screenshots. (Note that the face will remain at whatever the previous battery level is until the watch face is reloaded. In this case, the face displays 81% battery life, however the watch actually actually has 72%). This issue is extremely frustrating, and I have discontinued use of all Facer watch products until it gets corrected.

@Dave: sorry to hear 2.2.2 hasn’t fixed your issue! When you say that the battery doesn’t update until the watchface is reloaded, do you mean until you go from one watchface to another? or do you mean when your watchface goes from dim mode to active mode?

Thank you for the reply. The battery indicator level on any Facer watch face does not reflect what the watch’s actual battery level is until the app is actually reloaded on the watch. For example, if the watch has a full charge and the app was just loaded, the Facer watch face battery indicator level will display 100% throughout the entire day. To get an accurate reading on the Facer watch face battery display indicator, I must exit the app on the watch and load another non-Facer watch face. Then, upon reloading the Facer watch face, it will display the current watch battery level; it does not update the battery level at all however from that point forward. I never experienced this issue until last week’s update. Thanks for looking into this.

Hi @Dave! Thanks for your patience. A few questions that will help us debug this issue:

  • Which watch are you using?
  • Is your watch set up in a way that it never goes into dim mode by any chance? Our battery levels update every time the watchface goes out of dim mode.
  • I see you’re using the Facer blue watchface - is this happening with all other Facer watchfaces?
  • If all else fails, does this issue fix itself if you uninstall and reinstall Facer?


Thanks for the response. Here are the answers to your questions:

  • The watch I am using is the Moto 360 first gen; Android Wear:; Google Play Services: 8.7.01; Android OS: 5.1.1 (I have not installed Marshmallow yet).
  • I do not have Ambient Screen Mode enabled. The watch goes into dim mode shortly after viewing it and placing your wrist back down.
  • I have confirmed that this issue occurs on all Facer watch faces that display a watch battery level indicator, not just the watch face in the above screenshot. I have also confirmed that the watch battery level indicators display correctly for non Facer watch faces.
  • I uninstalled and reinstalled Facer twice and the issue is still present. I have never experienced this issue before until a Facer update approximately two weeks ago (I believe it was on 4/27).



Any update on this issue? Is your team able to reproduce this bug on the Moto 360 1st gen? Since I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, I was thinking about performing a factory reinstall on the watch, but I wanted to check with you guys first to see if I would just be wasting my time.



Hi @Dave! We’re suspecting that the issue is actually related to Ambient mode being disabled. Can you try and temporarily enable it and see if it fixes the issue? We’re hoping to have that resolved by the end of next week. If it’s confirmed to be the issue, a factory reset wouldn’t help so I would definitely hold off on this.


Thanks for the response. Very interesting…I enabled Ambient mode. The watch face still does not update while it is awake; however, if you allow it to go off, then to ambient mode, and then wake it up fully again, it does update itself to the correct battery level. It does not update initially while in ambient mode, but only when it becomes fully awake. I hope this helps.

It does and it confirms our suspicion! Expect a fix for this in a release next week! Thanks for your patience!

Awesome! Thanks guys!!

I built a watch today using the web tool and ran it on my watch. I also saw the battery indicator #BLP# displaying a much higher percentage than the actual watch charge visible in the watch OS. I have a new Gen 3 Fossil Explorist.

Switching to another Facer design and back updated the battery reading.

Me too…I’m using tichwatch E and with faces designed by me I have battery level not refreshing. Switching to another face, battery is updated :frowning: … Is it possible to insert in option a field with frequency of battery refreshing?