Battery level not working on Tickwatch

I have been told that the battery displays ( both dial and text ) on the following face do not work on a Tickwatch. (refer bottom of thread [WatchFace] Aviator Mk.3 & 3a - Gold - Updated 9 May 19 )

The expressions are:

White battery text:
Text: #BLN#
Transparency: ($#BLN#>15?95:0$)

Red battery text:
Text: #BLN#
Transparency: ($#BLN#<=15?95:0$)

And for the hand:
Rotation: ($#BLN#>=1?(150-(#BLN#/100)*210):148$)

It would appear that the transparency and and rotation expressions are returning 0 ( ie failing )

Does anyone know why the above might not work on a Tickwatch? ( They work fine on my Galaxy Watch )

I just tried on my ticwatch to use your expression and i find out that it doesn’t works if u use ($#BLN#>15?95:0$) with brackets, but it works if u use $#BLN#>15?95:0$ without brackets…
I rly don’t know the reason why but it’s that the problem

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Thank you very much for doing that!

Strange though, I thought everything I have read so far said that expressions must be in brackets …

For example the documentation page ( Expressions | Facer Documentation ) says:
“NOTE: Math expression require parentheses. So, this will work (1+1) and this will not 1+1 !”

@Facer_Official, do you have some advice here? Do we use brackets around conditionals or not?


I think that in math expression brackets are necessary like (1+1), but around $ conditional are not indispensable and, in some watches it won’t works

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Yes it would seem so. I will keep chasing Support to see if I can get an official answer.

@Facer_Official, guys, just a gentle prod - do you have an answer, brackets or no brackets around conditional statements?