Battery level using simple graphic

attempting to use a triangle pointer, to show the battery level, but I can’t figure out how to make it travel down the latinum bar graphic I have.

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Use an expression in the YPos field.

YPos:  ({bottom_value}-(({bottom_value}-{top_value})*(#BLN#/100)))

eg:  (200-((200-100)*(#BLN#/100)))

In the example, the pointer will be at 200px when the battery is flat and move up the face until it reaches 100px when the battery is full.


max = 100 is at Y-position 114
min = 0 is at Y-position 217

that is a max distance of 103
so the factor for the battery level in this case is 1.03

which give you the formula for the Y-position: (217-#BLN#*1.03)

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Ah, sorry @mikeoday , you were quicker…, but same thing…

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thanks for that, took me a couple of goes, but I got there in there end!, much appreciated!