Battery levels on Gear S3

I’m getting messages from people using my black leather watchface complaining about battery level being wront on Gear S3. The more detailed message is this:

“I haven’t found a watch face yet with the Facer app that shows the phone battery right consistently. Some you have to choose another watch face that comes with the S3 then reload the Facer watch face and then it works at that phone %. But is not correct after that.”

Is this a known issue? Will it be addressed in some future version?

Hi @Dani_MP! Can you confirm which versions of Facer you have on your phone and on your watch? This was a known bug in the very first version of Facer for Samsung Gear S2/S3 but should have been fixed in v3.0.0. Let us know if it’s still not fixed on your side and we’ll investigate further!


I have build 3.0.2_1189-(1189) on my phone and on MacOS.

Same as OP, when syncing Watchface it shows correctly, but does not update phone batterylevel

I don’t have any Gear S3 myself. It’s the people downloading my watchface who are complaining about that. Sorry I can’t provide any more info. If you take a look at the reviews for my watchface you’ll see that out of 10000+ downloads only S2 / S3 users seem to be having problems. Watchface URL: Dani MP - Black Leather - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

The phone app update shows correct preview of phone battery level and transfers that to the watch, but still the phone battery level on the watch does not update after that… and yes bluetooth is connected…

Hi, I am having the same issues with my battery levels on my watch face.

I am using version 3.0.3_1207 on the phone (Galaxy S7) and 3.0.0 on watch (Gear S3)



Is there any resolution for this issue. It is still happening for me in 3.0.4


This thread is not about battery drain but is about the phone battery level not showing correctly.

@CeeJay OK, you’re right and I agree with rest of thread, phone % very erratic

@Facer_Official … Has this been addressed at all? 2 different S3 classics on 2 different phones here with same problem. Watch face shows either dashes or some random incorrect phone battery %. Our LG Urbane 2 works great with the same faces showing correct phone bat %.

Hi same problem with my gear s3 classic with Samsung s7 edge. The phone battery level does not sync with the watch. I ve tried several times to restart both of them but it does not work it out. Thanks for your help

@Facer_Official Anything happening or any updates please

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Hi all,

A new version of Facer for the Samsung Gear watches was submitted last week and fixes a number of issues related to sending data from the phone to the watch, including phone battery, but also theme color selection, 12/24 format, etc. We expect this new version to be available in the store tomorrow after it goes through Samsung’s certification process. Thanks for your patience!

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Hoping to get the update soon.