Battery percentage for phone, not watch

I saw a watch face with a legend of zelda master sword theme and they had a battery percentage for their watch as well as their PHONE. I was wondering how to have that option as i cant see it in the building screen. Is it a pro option?

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There is a tag for phone battery

I’m not really sure what you mean about an option … if you mean the user can choose which one to see then that would require a premium function.

But, you can display both at once with different arms/text locations.

I hope that helps.



Yeah I thought it was a premium feature (I said pro instead on accident) thanks for the info!


For me on the Galaxy Watch it seems either one will show “–%” or “–”

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They both work on my Galaxy Watch.

I did have a problem over the weekend where the phone battery was showing “–” on all my old faces but it started working again after I updated the Facer app on my phone and re-synced a face that showed the phone battery. It is now working for all my old watches.

Not for me. I’ve never had a phone battery meter that worked. they either both show the watch battery or the phone is –

Same as that, never seen it work on the galaxy watch. Although I havent retested since the update. I’l go try.

The phone battery displays are still working for me. For what its worth here are my software versions

Watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Wearable:
Galaxy Watch PlugIn:

Watch Software: R800XXU1CSD6/R800OXA1CSD6/

Facer ( phone app ): 5.1.14_101131-(101131)

Facer Companion ( watch ): 5.1.5

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Definatley doesnt support my phone Mike (iPhone SE). I just get a dash for phone battery using the #PBN#

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Could be my issue as well. Im using an iphone 6S and XS



Guy’s is this a known iOS issue not yet supported? If so is it on your to do list or is there more to it than meets the eye. Thx