Battery phone bug

i, i have discover or maybe i’m wrong about a bug for the battery phone (PBN).
i have made the formula that check if battery level is 15 or less, then the number appear red
instead of black.
when i check the working mode by the pc program, the battery for the watch work fine (BLN),
while the PBN go down till 4%, then appear 100.
why this ???

Do you have a link to the watch so we can see?

Chance are if you’re using the “time machine” part of the editor it may be cycling. Meaning it doesn’t drop to 0 and stay at 0… it loops back to 100 so you can keep testing.

Also, to help troubleshoot things, you may want to temporarily set up a text layer with PBN and BLN values so you can see what both of them are.

Also, can you post the formula you’re using?

the formula i have made:


It looks good… it’s just the way the software is set. I checked my watches and they do the same thing.

That being said it’s something they should probably change so people aren’t wondering if their watch is giving out the wrong info.

ok, thank you very much.

can you tell me if the program has a formula that show in the watch the digital time only if is in dim mode ???
i have create 1 nice face with 2 katana swords (hours and minutes).
but when i press dim, all disappear.
the only thing i can see is the battery charge.
or how to show the 2 katana in dim mode ???
thank again.

this is the link:

If they’re set up as second hands, that’d be why.

Dim mode is supposed to save battery life, so they turn off second hands.

When you switch to dim mode, does it have a blue eye beside both layers?

sorry, if is hard for me to understand all your words.
but i have made 2 photos, and maybe you can tell
me about use hands in dim mode or use digital time
only in dim mode.