Battery progress changes of color

Hi, wanted to check out if there has been issues with the battery progression, I’m trying to make that happen for my new watch face and it hasn’t been successful, I’m using this expression, that I’ve seen been used before, with my luck of not being successful…

Color: Orange
Color: yellow
Color green

And this is my watch face I’m working on, please help…

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you used #BLN# for battery number which is watch battery level and #PBN# for the icons which is phone battery level.

which one are you trying to show on your watch face. if its watch battery, then use #BLN# for both the number and the icon. if its phone battery level use #PBN# for both.

watch battery is what im trying to showcase, not the phone battery

I think it’s as simple as the layers not being active. They are don’t have the eye clicked.

I have them off cause the watch is active and sync already, Im trying to make an improvement with that…

Did you publish to test it? I found that changes of colour and some rendering didn’t work until I published them.

yup, i was also using the wrong coding, instead of the watch battery, i was showing the phone battery, and still wasn’t coded right, i found the solution and now is working properly

Hey there Nerioalberto! Been wondering if its okay with you if I use your solution in my own watchface? I’m not a premium designer and it will be for me primarily. Thanks in advance, Cheers.

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Go for it, that’s why I leave it open, so we can learn of all of us, I have found some tricks so let me know if you need more, plus here the veterans helps a lot…